Welcome to Righteous Pups Australia

Righteous Pups Australia Inc is a national charity, the first and only to place Autism Assistance Dogs with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders throughout Australia. Each dog costs approximately $29,000 to train and place over an 18-month to two year period- at no cost to the recipient family. By the end of 2013 we will have permanently placed 35 Autism Assistance Dogs (AAD) throughout Australia and have already seen many lives liberated and transformed. As a team we gladly work 14-16 hours a day to serve these special children and thier families and we do it all without any government funding rather, relying on the generosity of the community and community- minded organisations.

Since our inception in 2003, another primary focus dear to our hearts involves working with at-risk, disenfranchised young people and young people with disabilities. We invite these young people to join us in our noble quest to transform the lives of children with autism and their families, and in the process they find themselves and begin to heal and find a sense of meaning and purpose within community. Each week over 100 young people are involved at Righteous Pups and we have seen many young lives changed- there is something special about working with dogs and feeling a sense of significance, purpose and community.

Our Vision

Righteous Pups Australia seeks to transform and enrich the lives of those we interact with through canine interventions.

Our Mission

RPA exists to train dogs for Autism Assistance and Therapy roles, which empower people to live with greater independence and quality of life.

What do we do?

We raise, socialise, train and permanently place Autism Assistance dogs with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We also train Therapy dogs who, visit and interact with older persons, the infirmed, persons with disabilities and the socially isolated within the community.

Another part of RPA is to work with academically and/or socially challenged high school students through our S.W.A.T. (Specifically Working with At-risk Teens) program. Working with animals has proven to have a major positive impact on teenagers, especially those with anger and depression related issues.

Our dog training team also incorporates a training team composed of local unemployed young people, giving them a sense of purpose and significance. These trainees are now highly competent dog trainers who absolutely love working with the dogs. There is a tremendous sense of personal pride when you are involved in something greater than yourself and we have seen young people’s lives changed.

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