Welcome to Righteous Pups Australia


Our Why!

Righteous Pups exists to BRING PROMISE TO LIFE and we do that by raising Champions and launching Heroes! 

Our Champions are our Assistance, Type 1 Diabetes medical alert and Therapy Dogs who have that incredible ability to connect, bond and assist children with disability or disease, at risk children, teens and young people with disabilities to heal and thrive in life. Our Champions bring out the best in us and time and again we have seen lives transformed through canine intervention.

Our Heroes are the people we have the privilege to serve, our children and families living with Type 1- Diabetes and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders, our at risk teens deemed to be at significant educational risk, our young people with disabilities who allow us to assist them to bring their promise to life. We launch our Heroes into a new day, a new normal and a better tomorrow with quality, dignity and hope.

We do all this because we believe that we are supposed to be the people who turn to the person on our left and the person on our right and care about them and help them in their moment of great need.  This makes us better human beings and gives us the opportunity to make a difference in this world and our communities. 

What’s our payoff?  A front seat to the greatest show on earth, the privilege of watching Champions rise and Heroes fly into all they are destined to be!



Our Vision

Righteous Pups Australia seeks to transform and enrich the lives of those we interact with through canine interventions.

Our Mission

Righteous Pups Australia Inc exists to train dogs for assistance, facility and therapy roles which empower people to live with greater independence, social inclusion, and quality of life, through the active support and participation of people in the within the local community.