Private Dog Training

We offer  puppy training, private dog training sessions and take on a number of rehabilitation cases each year.  We believe we have an ethical responsibility to help reduce the number of pet dogs abandoned, surrendered or euthanised because of poor early socialization, lack of early training or the inadvertent development of inappropriate or unwanted behaviors that negatively impact the relationship between owner and dog. 

Our trainers are professionally qualified and experienced dog trainers.  

Kinderpaws Puppy Program

The course covers the most important stuff like socialization, training principles, canine psychology, leadership, behavioural issues, canine health care and social skills through off lead play.

The Righteous Pups Trainers will teach you how to train your own dog and deal with behavioural issues as they arise. 

The skills covered include Sit, Down, Wait, Heel, Come, Leave, Shake, Stand, Focus and Social Walking.

We use clicker training and positive reinforcement.  

  • COURSE FEES? $150.00  which helps our organisation to train Autism Assistance Dogs for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Type 1-diabetes!


  • WHO CAN ENROL? Any pup between 12 to 26 weeks of age. C3 vaccination & proof of regular worm and flea treatment. 



    Our training Centre 1174 Calder Alternative Hwy, Lockwood.  

    Saturday mornings – 10.00 am to 11am. 

  • HOW TO ENROL? Ring: Righteous Pups on 0439 618 706 (Jo) 


House Calls within City of Greater Bendigo

RPA make house calls for a range of training needs such as behavioural issues, obedience training and skills training within the City of Greater Bendigo.

An hourly fee of $60 plus $6.00 GST is charged for house calls.

Please contact Joanne Baker on 0439 618 706 or for bookings or further information.

We do not train privately owned dogs for service dog roles.