Type-1 Medical Alert Assistance Dogs

Diabetes is a lifelong condition in which the pancreas fails to supply sufficient insulin to enable glucose to enter cells. Glucose is the fuel our cells need to function and when this can’t get in – our body struggles to operate. Additionally, when the glucose can’t get into our cells it accumulates in our blood and this also damages our body. In Type 1 Diabetes a person is usually reliant on insulin doses to replace the insulin which their pancreas has stopped producing. This delicate balancing is like a see-saw – with rises and falls according to carbohydrate intake, insulin levels and other metabolic processes. Our body is an amazing unit and needs a certain level of glucose to operate. When the blood glucose level gets too low the body secretes chemicals to alert itself to the danger this presents and to attempt to remedy the situation. If the level of glucose drops too low, a person can slip into a coma. Science has advanced with glucose monitoring units and early identification of dangerous lows, but the greatest device for detecting changes in chemical levels – is a canine’s nose! The scenting ability of a canine is still unmatched in the scientific world, and they can pick up on the scent of these chemicals the moment they are released from the liver. The further advantage of the dog’s nose is that they are never off duty – their nose is always scenting. They won’t run low on batteries, or malfunction due to setting variations. Furthermore, the dog can alert the person and then retrieve the testing kit and then alert a third party! Just imagine having a dog to help you navigate the rollercoaster of blood glucose levels!  

Righteous Pups Australia Inc., under the guidance of leading providers, formerly, Dogs for Diabetics in Concorde, California – train each Diabetes Assistance Dog to reliably indicate on the scent prior to placement with a recipient. The Diabetes Assistance Dog is trained in public access with the right to accompany their recipient into society – wherever they may go. Finally, the Diabetes Assistance Dog is also trained to retrieve testing kits, glucose sources and to alert a third party residing near the individual with Diabetes.  

If you think you would benefit from the life changing support of a Diabetes Assistance Dog – and would love a Labrador that thinks you are the center of their world…contact us today…to get the ball rolling.