Many Australians find it difficult to talk about death, legal wills and the estate of another. Yet, many Australians do make plans and leave money and property to charitable causes. In fact, many charities would not exist today if it were not for generous benefactors who have left a bequest provision in their last will and testimony.

A bequest is a predetermined decision to leave a part of your estate to a specified charity. Your bequest has the power to support the causes you are passionate about well into the future. If you do decide to bequest to Righteous Pups Australia you will help to ensure children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are able to access an Autism Assistance Dog, at no cost, for many generations to come.

Your bequest to Righteous Pups Australia would assist us to purchase and train more Autism Assistance Dogs and in doing so, you will be working with us to transform the lives of some very special children.

Advice from your solicitor about making a will and leaving a bequest is imperative. Your solicitor can assist you with appropriate wording and can set out the different types of bequests you can make and what that will mean for you and your family. As a general guide, some of the types of bequests you can make include:

  • A specified gift of money
  • A gift of property
  • A specified percentage of your estate
  • A residual bequest, whatever is left over after other gifts to family and friends.

Righteous Pups Australia makes a firm commitment to honour your bequest and will treat your gift with the utmost confidentiality, respect and dignity.

If you would like more information or assistance please contact Joanne Baker, on 03 5435-4108 or email



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