“Interact” Therapy Dog Program

We run a therapy dog program called “Interact”, created for the expressed purpose of increasing the quality of life for children, teens and adults who are at risk, socially isolated and in need of a healthy dose of canine therapy.  

Programs are designed based on the needs of each individual or group.  

Interact aims to:

  • Promote a general feeling of wellbeing.
  • Provide unconditional love and acceptance for all persons.
  • Improve focus and attention.
  • Interact with those who have difficulty with interpersonal communication.
  • Stimulate memory function.
  • Encourage and aid speech functions for stroke victims.
  • Provide simple physical activities for those who are mobility impaired (patting and brushing animals).
  • Provide practice for specific physical therapy functions such as throwing a ball.
  • Create learning and growth opportunities.   
  • Create conversation and shared memories.