The Down Under Duck Derby Fundraiser   

Saturday, 5 November 2022 @ Golden Square Swimming Pool at 10am!

There are 999 traditional yellow rubber ducks ($10 each).
There are also 44 celebrity ducks ($100). All ducks will race across water and have to use their wits to
The first surviving duck across the finish line will win their adopted human a avoid being taken out by a couple of dastardly Labradors who will stop at nothing to retrieve them out of the water and end their race!
 $1,000 gift voucher to the store of their choice. Second, surviving duck will be awarded a gift voucher of $500 and the third duck will get a $250 dollar gift voucher.
How do you get involved
  1. Select your duck, register with Jo Baker – phone or text
  2. 0439 618 706 and then pay for  your choice.
  3. Share this post to let others know about the duck derby
  4. Save the date – race day is Saturday, 3 September (location is top secret for now).
  5. Come and watch the race or watch it via
  6.  our livestream on Facebook and YouTube.
  7. Enjoy the laugh!
  8. Pick up your winnings.
Please support us by getting involved and spreading the word!

Celebrity Ducks