The Power of Purposeful Play

A puppy learns through play, and it is so important to their physical, mental, and social development. Jumping, running, twisting, and bounding in, and around, though, up and over equipment, is tonnes of fun and builds muscle strength and dexterity.

A lot takes place in the brain when pups play, like learning how to keep calm, bond and burn mental energy and stress. They also learn social skills and how to read other dogs body language. The result of play is a happier, calmer, confident and well-behaved dog.

A study in 2015, by Bristol University, identified play as the key gateway to a dog’s well-being. Consequently, a lack of play can cause around twenty-two different behavioural issues including anxiety, aggression, pulling on the lead and whining- just to name a few.

This year our Christmas Campaign is about our dogs and building for their future through play. We have found some purpose-built play equipment made for dogs of all ages. This equipment will last a lifetime, is dog proof (yes it can’t be damaged by chewing!!!) and can be delivered to our training centre for $19,075.00.

If we all could donate a little… then they could have the lot!



Bradshaw, J. W. S., Pullen, A. J., & Rooney, N. J. (2015). Why do adult dogs ‘play’? Behavioural Processes, 110, 82-7.




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