Covid 19 has most definitely rocked our world and filled it with confusion, fear, anxiety, social isolation, and plenty of uncertainty about tomorrow.  So much pain and suffering around the world, it is overwhelming at times. 

We will get through this pandemic… but the way we have been forced to live for the last few months has given me a palpable insight into what life must be like for children living with Autism, and their families.  Many of the children on our waiting list live in their own worlds of social isolation where most days are overwhelming.  There will be no vaccination down the road because Autism is a lifelong disability. 

I am surviving Covid 19 because of my mates.  That is what we do, when times get tough, we band together and help one another get through it.  We have 37 children on our waiting list who could use that sense of mateship in their lives.  That best mate who will not judge, just love, and assist where they can.  A Righteous Pup would be just that … a best mate for a child living with Autism.  These Labradors are placed with a heart full of love, we just train them to assist.  Together we can put these two mates together and be the positive change in their world.  

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