We don’t all get the best start in life but we all deserve to look forward to a Bright Future.  Autism can create a lot of anxiety and frustration as children try to navigate a world which may make little sense.  Children with Autism find public settings incredibly daunting and this can trigger a behavioural meltdown or the need to abscond, while many do not have any sense of danger.  

A Righteous Pup is a Champion at connection and companionship which is so important because children with Autism are often socially isolated because they are non verbal and other human beings can be complicated.   These Champions are trained to interrupt a behavioural meltdown, reduce anxiety and find that child who has taken off.

A Righteous Pup doesn’t need words either and loves their little Hero unconditionally while together they transform into a new day, a new normal and a greater quality of life. 

It costs $29,000 to train and place a Righteous Pup over an 18 month to 2 year period, at no cost to the recipient family.  We receive no government funding and at this point NDIS does not pay for assistance dogs.  

We need your financial support to train Champions to launch Heroes.  



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Financial Institution: Bendigo Bank
Name of Account: Righteous Pups Australia Inc
BSB: 633-000
Account No: 125 823 583

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