Labradorian Legacy of Love

Joanne Baker | Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

We have just wrapped up another placement training camp where we work with a graduating family to prepare them for the permanent placement of a very special, Righteous Pup! We are very pleased to confirm Abagail has graduated as an autism assistance dog- with honours!
I have the family’s permission to share with you some snapshots of Champion Abagail launching her new found Heroes! This Righteous Pup sure has brought promise to life.
PS: A very special thank you to Julie and Ian, who fostered Abagail through her training. All the time, energy, effort, and love you poured into her was palpable. You have literally positively altered the lives of a mum, dad, and three very special kids. Thank you for giving such an incredible gift. Your legacy is already extraordinary!